Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

OCAMP- Who We Are

The Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership Project was a $300,000 per year/3 year Math-Science Partnership grant. The Oregon Department of Education manages the MSP competitive grants from the U.S. Department of Education, and in May 2009, LCSD and its partners were the only one of 20 applicants selected for the 2009-2012 period. The project was a collaboration of Lincoln County School District and scientists, informal science educators and science education faculty at several academic, non-profit and government science institutions to develop, implement, and evaluate teacher professional development and student learning experiences with a focus on Ocean Literacy and Aquatic and Marine Science.

While OCAMP is officially ended, we will keep this site active as it provides a wealth of resources and is the foundation for our NEW MSP grant for 2012-2014, The Oregon Coast Regional STEM Education Center. So, check out 3 years worth of scienctist's presentations, links to lesson plans and websites that relate to OCAMP's 3 years of learning!



Partners were:
Oregon State University
   Dr. David Noakes, PI, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife/ OHRC, and
   Dr. Shawn Rowe, Co-PI, Department of Science Education, Oregon Sea Grant
Hatfield Marine Science Center
tchung Cheung, Academic Programs Coordinator & Instructor;
   Dr. Wlliam Hanshumaker, Senior Instructor and Dr. George Boehlert, HMSC Director
 Oregon Health & Sciences University
   Dr. Tawnya Peterson, Co-PI, Science and Technology Center, Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction
 Oregon Coast Aquarium
   Dr. Kerry Carlin Morgan, Director of Education and  Rachael Goetzelman-Bashor, School Partnership Liaison
 Oregon Sea Grant
   Nancee Hunter, Director of Education and Tracy Crews, Marine Education Coordinator

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon Hatchery Research Center
   Joseph O’ Neil, Facilities and Education Outreach and Ryan Coutoure, Facilities Manager
 Bureau of Land Management, Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
   Roy Simpson, Education Coordinator
 Lincoln County School District
   Ruth McDonald, Project Director

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