Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Year 2 2010-2011 Marine Resources and Human Impacts

The second year of the Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science partnership is off! Our theme this year is MARINE RESOURCES AND HUMAN IMPACTS. We had a successful Kick-off August 26 & 27 at Hatfield Marine Science Center and on the Newport Bay Front at the Yaquina Bay Yacht Club. Due to changes in jobs, assignments and retirements we lost some of our Year 1 teachers, but are gaining some new participants this year.

The Kick-Off focused on Fish and Fisheries, with OSU and Sea Grant Extension's Kaety Hildenbrand and Jamie Doyle providing an enlightening overview. Several participants shared their work and projects from last year with the group. Dr. Bill Hanshumaker, led a Giant Humboldt Squid Dissection and HMSC's Tracy Crews introduced us to the C-MORE kits, which we'll become more familiar with as the year goes on.

We had a working lunch on the Marine Discovery Tours boat, where we met the new teachers to the district and introduced them to Yaquina Bay with a Bottom Trawl.

Day 2 brought Dr. Mary Carmel Finley presenting her research on the history of Newport and Oregon Fisheries. We had a bird's eye view of the Newport Fishing Fleet from the Yacht Club. Tracy, Kaety and Cait Goodwin and Sean Nolan led groups on the Bay Front Quest, Belly Button Biology and a Dock Walk. Local fishermen shared their experiences with us, followed by a return visit from Dr. Selina Heppell, who provided us with ideas for integrating math and social science into our ocean science instruction. The hands on activity she demonstrated was one several of us planned to try out with our students.

We ended the day with a short trip up the road to Fowlweather Trawls, where we learned the fine art of net-making. Teachers also received several instructional and professional development resources, including "Ready, Set, Science," "Surrounded by Science,"  "Formative Assessments in Science," and Using Science Notebooks." These will be a focus of the pedagogy portions of the colloquium and PLC's this year.

Resources from the Kick-Off: