Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Colloquia 1 October 16, 2010 Marine Pollution

Marine Pollution: Plastics, Oil Spills and other Pollutants in our Rivers and Ocean


 Survey of Underwater Plastic and Ecosystem  Response (SUPER) Dr. Angelicque White, Assistant Professor, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Science, OSU.
 Dr. White's Presentation
 C-MORE Marine Debris Kit, Shawn & Ruth  Request C-MORE Kit
10:30am OCAMP Teacher Share-Out: Matt Falby: Exxon Mickelson Program-Connecting Math & Science, Dana Spink, STARS cruise, Sean Bedell, Polymer lesson related to North Pacific Gyre

 Ocean News Marine Pollution, Ocean News Teacher’s Guide

Pat W’s Marine Debris Lesson

Matt's Handouts

 Oil Spills, Pollution and Microbes, Dr. Tawnya Peterson, Research Assistant Professor, Division of Environmental  and Biomolecular Systems, OSU; Affiliate Scientist, Center for Coastal Margin Observation and PredictionDr. Peterson's Presentation
 12:15pm Lunch 
 1:00pmBeach Exploration with Science Notebooks: Tide-to-tide with Gene Williamson, On the lookout for marine debris, recording observations/ideas in science notebooks

Field trip ideas: Take a Beach Walk (Book)

 1:45pmGroup Processing: Guiding Questions, Ideas for classroom applications 

Resources: Human Impact Survey, from Humans & the OceanAlaska Seas & Rivers Curriculum

 2:30pm Visual Arts Center, Washed Ashore Exhibit 
 3:30pm Feedback Forms



Photos of the Day