Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Colloquia 2:  January 8, 2011 Ocean Energy Hatfield Marine Science Center


 8:30am Ocean Energy - Dr. George Boehlert, Director, Hatfield Marine Science Center Dr. Boehlert's presentation
Hatfield Marine Science Center
 9:30am NEED Ocean Energy Kit and Resources - Fawn Custer & Athena Crichton, Environmental/Marine Science Educators  NEED Website
 10:30am Break 
 10:40am OCAMP Teacher Share-Out: Dr. Kama Almasi, INMS- Integrating Math into Field Experience; 
Jana Osterlund, NIS
- Washed Ashore Project
MBARI EARTH Drifter Lesson

Washed Ashore

 11:15am Ecological Effects of Wave Energy Development on Benthic Communities - Dr. Sarah Henkel, HMSC-NNMREC Dr. Henkel's Presentation & Handout
 12:15pm Lunch 
 1:00pm Aquamarine Oyster Device, Theresa Wisner, Aquamarine Power Representative Ms. Wisner's Presentation
 1:45pm RTOP Training- Dr. Shawn Rowe, Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University Dept. of Science and Math Education
 Reformed Teacher Observation Protocol Site
 2:30pm Group Processing: Guiding Questions, Ideas for  classroom applications, Field trip ideas, Resources (Web  Site, books, kits) Ocean Energy Council
*and see web links and  pdf's on Resources/Documents pages
 3:15pm HMSC Visitor Center’s Wave Energy Exhibit 
 3:45pm Feedback Forms