Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Colloquium 3 February 12, 2012 Invasive Species


 8:30am Introductions and WelcomeSea Grant Marine Invaders website
 8:40am Invasive Species & Invasive Species Activity Sam Chan, Oregon Sea Grant

Dr. Chan's PPT

Teacher Resources


 10:15am Break 
 10:30am Unnatural History of Estuaries and Coasts– Dr. John Chapman, OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Dr. Chapman's PPT
 11:15am European Green Crabs on the Oregon Coast - Dr. Sylvia Yamada, OSU Department of Zoology

Dr. Yamada's PPT

Introduced Species in Oregon Estuaries site

 12:00pm Lunch 
 12:40pm Field Experience in Estuary/Mudflat – John Chapman and Sylvia Yamada   [LT – 1:32 – 1.5] 
 2:00pm Break 
 2:15pm Group Processing: Guiding Questions, Ideas for classroom applications, Field trip ideas, Resources (Review NSTA Journal Articles and Website links, books, kits)
See Resources and documents pages for links
 3:00pm HMSC Visitor Center Invasive Species ExhibitInvasion of the Habitat Snatchers Video Clip
 3:30pm Feedback Forms