Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Colloquia 5 Marine Mammals May 14, 2011


 The Life History Tag: developing the next generation satellite transmitter for conservation research

Dr. Markus Horning, Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute

Dr. Horning's PPT 
 9:15am Remote Sensing Curriculum Project, Lisa Mulcahey  Project Website
 9:30am Marine Mammal Activity: VHF Transmitters

Erin Kunisch, M.S. Student, OSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife

 10:30am OCAMP Teacher Share-Out: What are folks doing? 
 11:15am Oregon Marine Mammals Stranding Network

Jim Rice, OMMSN Coordinator

Jim Rice's PPT
 12:15pm Lunch 
 12:45pm Evolutionary and ecological pattern and process in whales and dolphins  

Dr. Scott Baker, Oregon State University – Marine Mammal Institute

2011 Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation

Dr. Baker's PPT and Handouts
 1:45pm Marine Mammal Activity: DNA Investigation 

Alana  Alexander, Ph.D. Student, OSU Dept. Fisheries and Wildlife

 2:45pm Group Processing:
                  * Ideas for classroom applications
                  * Resoures: Web sites, Curriculum