Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Year 3  Kick-Off    August 26, 2011  Overview of Climate Change and Observing Models/Networks



Welcome Back! Overview of Project Goals, Requirements, Dates and Theme-        Ruth McDonald, Itchung Cheung

Teachers sharing notable accomplishments from Year 2, including Field Experiences,  Classroom Inquiry, Summer Professional Development.
Extra Duty, PSA's, Scope of Work, RTOP's, PLC, Action Research
 9:00am Climate Change 101Christoph Thomas, Assistant Professor, OSU College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences  Dr. Thomas' PPT
 10:00am Break 

Climate Change Group Activity – Christoph Thomas, Assistant Professor, OSU  College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences


An Overview of Oregon's Climate: From the Past to the Future   Kathie Dello, Deputy Director, Oregon Climate Service and Faculty Research  Assistant, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

Oregon Climate Change Research Institute
 12:50pmClimate Misconceptions and Climate Science in the Classroom – Peg Steffen, NOAA National Ocean Services Education Coordinator, Communications and Education Division

 NOS Website

NOAA Climate Education Website

 NOAA Climate Resources- Peg Steffen Continued Peg's Climate Resources and Websites Handout
 2:30pm Break 

Standards and Climate Science: Ruth McDonald & Rachael Bashor  What’s appropriate and aligned at each grade level (notetakers/chart paper), then share out discussion

Oregon Science Standards
 3:30pm Journals and Feedback forms turn in any surveys, paperwork
 Electronic Feedback form
 3:45pm Closing and Ocean Literacy Symposium details- Ruth, Itchung, Rachael (OCAMPers help needed...)