Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Colloquia 2 Year 3 January 7, 2012 Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Effects



RTOP's, Scientists, Aquarium OL Plans, Summer??

 Ruth, Nancee, Rachael, Itchung
 9:00  Climate Change Impacts to Oregon Coast Tidal WetlandsLaura Brophy, Director, Estuary Technical Group, Institute for Applied Ecology and Faculty, OSU College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Ms. Brophy's ppt
 10:00 OCAMP Teacher Share Out
 Dana, Rich, Noah, Bob
 10:45 Break 
 11:00  Effects of ocean acidification on rocky reef ecosystem:                     the role of PISCO in understanding the impacts of climate change - Leigh Tait, Post Doctoral Fellow, OSU PISCO, Lubchenco/Menge Lab  Dr. Tait's ppt
 12:00 Lunch 

 NSTA Seattle Activities:

1) Matt Falby & Mary Beth Guerena: Page Keeley, Formative Assessment Probes

2) Amy Calavan: Foldables Make your own field journals

3) Kama Almasi: Climate Change Inquiry Activity from Windows to the Universe

35 minutes each, choose 2

Session 1- 12:45-1:20

Short break 1:20-1:30

Session 2- 1:30-2:05


 2:15 Break and travel to NOAA Ship- arrive ON TIME at 2:30  
 2:30 NOAA Ship Tour 
 3:30 Feedback forms turn in at NOAA pier before departure