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Colloquium 3 Year 3 February 11, 2011  Polar Science: Times are Changing




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Telemetry to the Rescue site

"On the Ice...or, what I did with my summer vacation."
A teacher's visit to the Greenland Ice Sheet, and how that experience has shaped instruction and perspective. Dr. Kathleen Gorski, Chemistry & Physics Teacher, Wilbraham & Monson Academy, MA, 2007-2008 Einstein Fellow, Office of Polar Programs, National Science Foundation

 Dr. Gorski's Presentation

JSEP Site for High School Students to Apply by Feb 17th!!


  Fieldwork in Antarctica: Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets      Brandon Gillette, PhD Student, CReSIS, Kansas University

 Mr. Gillette's Presentation
 10:45 Break 

Vikings, glaciers and northern fishes: lessons for climate change    Dr. David Noakes, Oregon State University Fisheries & Wildlife Professor and Senior Scientist, Oregon Hatchery Research Center, OCAMP MSP PI

Dr. Noakes' Presentation

Latest News about Dr. Noakes" Research

 12:00 Lunch 

Curriculum Activity 1 (6th choose one)

A: 1st-6th Grade Teachers: CReSIS Pieces: simple lessons demonstrate the principles of water properties, displacement, remote sensing and decomposition with Brandon Gilette

B: 6th-12th: Investigating Albedo Dr. Gorski


CReSIS Online Data Portal Lesson

Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears

Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle

 1:45 Break 

Curriculum Activity 2 (6th grade choose)

A: 6th-12th Grade Teachers: Online Climate Data & Modeling with Brandon Gillette

B: 1st-6th: Beyond Penguins & Polar Bears, Beyond Weather & Climate with Dr. Gorski

CReSIS Pieces

About the Albedo Project

Albedo Project Website


Grade Level Discussions: How can we use today’s resources and learning? (Also look at Ice, Ice Baby site, ANDRILL and ELF resources)

 Ice, Ice Baby Lessons

ANDRILL Education


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