Oregon Coast Aquatic and Marine Science Partnership

Summer 2012 Workshop: June 25th to June 29th at Newport Intermediate School, Media Center


*Bring your laptops if you have them, otherwise you can use computers in NIS Media Center. 

Tuesday and Wednesday bring any materials, lessons you created, developed the past 3 years for writing up.

Please Note we start earlier and end later on Thursday and Friday.


Monday June 25

9:00am- 3:00pm


Wrap up



- Debrief of the Year Activity- Ruth


- Surveys of Enacted Curriculum

1) Instructional Practice Survey

2) Instructional Content Survey


- PLC Survey

1) Online link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PLCYR3


- Certificates

1) For Achievement and participation on OCAMP


Celebration LUNCH @ Thai Elephant

1:00- 3:00

-Invasive Species Sampling (Currents Article)

1) from Japanese/Tsunami Marine Debris @ HMSC Labs


Tuesday June 26, 2012

9:00am- 3:00pm


Documenting our Work/Sharing with Others



- Lesson Plans Template

- 5E Model- Rachael

- What to send to Michelle and by when (Directions)



- Work time

(Collaborate and work on lesson plans for Michelle to upload)


- Web Site review

- What is missing, needs adding to be a resource in future?


LUNCH Delivered

1:00- 1:45

-- Anecdotal Comments/ Reflections on Project for the 3 years

1:45- 3:00

- Journal articles about OCAMP experiences, lessons for Current, NSTA Journals


Wednesday June 27, 2012

9:00am- 2:00pm **


Documenting our Work/Sharing with Others



- Planning for August Symposium w/Rachael


- New Vernier LabQuest2 Kits

- Tawnya, Kama, Tracy share various probes and checkout system



- More Lesson Plan Work

- Continue working on lesson plans for OCAMP website

*- Peter Vince Interviewing for Video


LUNCH Delivered

12:45- 2:00

-Indiviidual & Small Group Work TIme

*Finalize and submit lessons to Michelle by July 2nd

(Additional lessons for additional stipend by August 30th)

-Be sure ALL Surveys and Reflection are done!

*- Peter Vince Interviewing for Video


** Need several people to help set up room for Private Eye Workshop with presenters

Please Note: Since we are not starting until 9am and finishing by 3pm Monday-Wednesday, Coffee and morning snack will not be provided. Lunch WILL be provided.

 Thursday-Friday is the Private Eye Workshop from 8:00-3:30pm

·      Coffee, morning snack, and lunch WILL be provided on Thursday-Friday.

·      Each OCAMP teacher will receive a set of materials and a class set of 36 Loupes